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[audio]The Mind of Christ - Malcolm L. Lavender
A holyness message on The Mind of Christ
Keywords: Mind
Downloads: 194
[audio]deliverance of the mind - samuel chioke
Keywords: mind
Downloads: 10
[audio]Lots of things going through my mind - Brian G. Mc Enery
Cuairt an mheoin oiche - The mind court at night
Keywords: mind
Downloads: 8
[audio]Descubre tu mente 25.02.09
Programa de radio descubre tu mente dirigido por la Dra. Rosa Argentina Rivas Lacayo
Keywords: mind
Downloads: 260
[audio]inspiration - nongmaithai
inspiration, mind
Keywords: mind
Downloads: 105
[audio]You're Mine - Daniel Morgan
Keywords: mind
Downloads: 16
[audio]Alex Grey and the Mind Parasites
Alex Grey and the Mind Parasites
Keywords: mind
Downloads: 776
[audio]IUMA: Universal Mind
Universal Mind was founded in September 99 with drummer Dave Forbes and guitarist Brian Burns. Mike Reynoso was brought in to play rhythm guitar and Steve West on bass. This was the line up for a few months unitll Mike picked up the bass guitar. They were a 3 piece for several months and then picked up rhythm guitarist Rudy Gomez and Singer/Guitarist Sean Murphy to complete the line up. Their aggressive new school punk style is accompanied with a lot of melodic and hardcore breakdowns, very harm...
Keywords: Universal Mind
Downloads: 40
[audio]IUMA: Mind Travel
The project started in 1996, since then I've been improving the quality of the compositions and trying to spread the music. This is a home made studio consisting of a PC, a MIDI keyboard, a microphone, sometimes a guitar... I was working with three friends composing songs with one of them (Cesar Guida) and I'm on charge of the arrangements, recording, and mastering. I want to hear your comments about the music!!! Also, if you have a job for me, is welcomed!!! But the problem is, I live in Argent...
Keywords: Mind Travel
Downloads: 8
[audio]IUMA: Void Mind
Void Mind's a band from Bergen, Norway. We play a music described as melodic rock and grunge. People say that grunge is dead but not in Norway it is. So download our Mp3 or visit our official site. http://home.no.net/voidmind
Keywords: Void Mind
Downloads: 8
[audio]IUMA: SpiralShaped Mind
Justin Hamline:this is me as it is. I have a one man band. I make all the music by experimenting with sounds and such.i hope you enjoy the music
Keywords: SpiralShaped Mind
Downloads: 13
[audio]IUMA: United Mind
Drew Epton - Lead Guitar, Vocals Jeremy Green - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals Gerard Ramos - Bass Josh Jackson - Guitar Jeff Barrow - Drums What's up internet world. We are United Mind. We have been together since September 2001. Drew, Josh, and Jeff were in a band called Vertigo before UM. We have all been friends for years and have a great time together. We have played in Athens, New Orleans, Atlanta, and we will be playing regional gigs around the southeast starting in May...
Keywords: United Mind
Downloads: 36
[audio]IUMA: Flower MInd
Flower mind were formed in March 1998 in the city of Leiria, center of Portugal. In June, 1998, and had their first EP called Flower Mind, that made them play with many artists, such as: Silence 4 (Portugal), Belle Chase Hotel (Portugal), 10.000 Maniacs (U.S.A.), Wonderland (Portugal), Bryan Adams (Canada), Gene Loves Jezebel (UK), Anger (Portugal) and Mão Morta (Portugal). They also played in some nightclubs and pubs in Leiria and in the three FNAC auditoriums of Lisbon...
Keywords: Flower MInd
Downloads: 14
[audio]IUMA: Mind Socket
A Sydney based act with a focus on bangin' hardtrance and high energy electronic music. What started out in 1994 as an experimental hardcore techno hobby, has now evolved into a more refined blend of hard trance, house and high energy.
Keywords: Mind Socket
Downloads: 19
[audio]IUMA: Mind Chatter
Keywords: Mind Chatter
Downloads: 20
[audio]IUMA: Basic Mind
We are a chicago local band that began to form around mid 2002. We just finished recording a new demo at a state of the art studio so be sure to check it out, sign up for our mailing list at our site so we can keep you updated!!
Keywords: Basic Mind
Downloads: 5
[audio]The Mind of Christ - Malcolm Lavender
A message on controlling the mind
Keywords: Holyness; Mind
Downloads: 144
[audio]IUMA: Conflicted Mind
*LATEST NEWS* I have uploaded an mp3 preview of my newest song, In the Event of My Demise. It should be finished within a couple of days. Conflicted Mind is currently in the process of recording his debut album. He is also looking for some talented producers to provide the beats from some tracks. If you would like to help out, then e-mail him at joe_alonzo65@hotmail.com, or reach him on AOL IM at GraniteBay2003...
Keywords: Conflicted Mind
Downloads: 14
[audio]IUMA: Mind Expansion
Written, recorded, produced and preformed by Jacques N. Mara In the boiler room of the basment of a fifty-story steel, concrete and glass skyscraper on an artficial moon circling a planet machine near a supernova far, far away, Jacques N. Mara, a fifty gallon drum, a piano, some old church bells, a wooden block, several pieces of iron and glass and some chirping computers build a circut board of sound...
Keywords: Mind Expansion
Downloads: 28
[audio]IUMA: Mind Sirens
Mind Sirens were formed in 1988 out of the remnants of Other Bright Colors - a band which toured extensively from 1983-1988, primarily in the southeastern US. From 1991 - 1993 Mind Sirens recorded 3 7-inch singles on Jettison Records: "Can See This Time", "Head-Stomach Highway" and "Alaska" from the split with Blue-Green Gods. In 1992 Mind Sirens also recorded the track "Graveyard" for the Jettison compilation LP "Falling Off the Planet" which is arguably their best recording...
Keywords: Mind Sirens
Downloads: 15
[audio]IUMA: Circus Mind
A modern day medicine show of midnight ravers, Circus Mind serves up a spicy gumbo of greasy New Orleans funk rock mixed with generous helpings of reggae roots and savory ska. Blended all together with mighty tasty tunes (with more hooks than a bait and tackle box) and simmered over a blaze of jam-fueled boogie, Circus Mind can't help but satisfy. Special guests fill the CD with their secret ingredients: Cyril Neville Neville Brothers, The Meters; Leo Nocentelli The Meters; Earl Chinna Smith Bo...
Keywords: Circus Mind
Downloads: 24
[audio]IUMA: Wasted Mind
I have been writing music since i was a child. Today im grown up and have my own band. My dreams have come true. In my own little world inside my head, i have so mutch words and feelings that needs to get out. Music is my tool get this words and feelings out of my head. Lets take this from the beginning. When i was 11 years old i got my first organ. I learned to play through school music education...
Keywords: Wasted Mind
Downloads: 22
[audio]IUMA: Mind Corrosive
mind Corrosive started his musical journey about 7 years ago. started jamin on a guitar.started playing piano and other instruments. i got interested in the electronic music scene in the early 1990's listening to industrial music. ind corrosive started composing his own electronic music in 1998 with the help of various music software. in the begining of 2000 mind corrosive built his own profesional studio and continues to stiumlate the evils of man through his music and destroy dancefloors with ...
Keywords: Mind Corrosive
Downloads: 4
[audio]IUMA: Spiral Mind
SPIRAL MIND Electric and acoustic progressive rock, featuring female vocals. Influences include early Rush and Yes as well as acoustic Neil Young and Michael Hedges.
Keywords: Spiral Mind
Downloads: 14
[audio]IUMA: mind vibes
Mind Vibes explores the vast unique sound of noises and turning them into a weird and hallucinating wall of sounds..weird one..these noises can be heard thru its first demo..MISERY OF SCIENCE..8 tracks full of torturing and tormenting noises.. The main brain behind MindVibes is Pia MAter..a noise freak whose influences in music range from Iron Butterfly to Napalm Death..with the help of sound advisor Cobweb, MindVibes is ready to manipulate noises and sounds..now releasing its second demo..MINDF...
Keywords: mind vibes
Downloads: 41
[audio]IUMA: Soundtrack Mind
Soundtrack Mind is comprised of three friends, Bryan, Jonathan, and Rusty. They make music from the heart that sounds like a plate of collards, black-eyed peas, pork chops and a glass of sweet tea. Lots of people like them and others don't, but that's okay.
Keywords: Soundtrack Mind
Downloads: 36
[audio]IUMA: Criminal Mind
Criminal Mind has a new line up. Original members Terry on guitar and Jammie on drums along with new members Blaze on lead vocals and rythm guitar and Tony on bass. We have a fresh new sound. Check out the songs we recorded at practice after being together for just three weeks. They are kind of rough but they give a good idea of what we are going to sound like. If you have trouble streaming mp3's then try streaming the real audio, the quality is not as good but it seems to work better...
Keywords: Criminal Mind
Downloads: 13
[audio]IUMA: Sound Mind
Electronic and acoustic music of dance, trip hop, ambient groove and soundtrack. Sound Mind is based in Helsinki, Finland, where it's lead musician (Jason Penkethman) spends his time composing melodic, ambient and trip-hop grooves in the Sound Mind studio. Drawing upon inspiration from and collaboration with other artists in the Helsinki area, Sound Mind has produced chill-out tracks across a variety of genres that have become known for their smooth grooves and cinematic qualities...
Keywords: Sound Mind
Downloads: 23
some sounds for mind excursion
Keywords: mind; sounds
Downloads: 26
[audio]Fitness For The Crisis - Chris Buttery
There's an amazing sympathy between the body and the mind. We really are what we eat. Discover how a healthy body means a healthy mind, and how imperative it is to have both if we are to make it through earth's last great crisis.
Keywords: health; mind
Downloads: 16
[audio]Artificial mind - David Aparici

Keywords: Artificial mind
Downloads: 580
[audio]Mind Out People - Monday 311011 - Brighton Mad Poets
this is a very special poetry session watch out in case you are squemish All this has been done in half an hour at jubilee library and recorded in the studio live Its amazing and edgy and its lovely to have Mary back with her ray of light in the middle Well worth listening to great music chosen by Umit
Keywords: Mind Out
Downloads: 6
[audio]Mind Out, 241011 - susi oddball
brighton mad poets are at the cutting edge literally as one of the exercises talks about sharp objects Beware the exercises come from the poets mouths and minds and are extremely entertaining You have to listen to believe
Keywords: Mind Out
Downloads: 8
[audio]IUMA: Mind Manipulation
Why Waste Time Describing Myself. Listen, and if you feel manipulated it's your problem, i guess ;) ... and then...
Keywords: Mind Manipulation
Downloads: 25
[audio]The Mind of Christ
The Outlet Talk 3
Keywords: mind; Christ
Downloads: 12
mind twister
Keywords: mind twister
Downloads: 39
[audio]IUMA: Mind Orgies
my solo projects, created using my computer, guitar, bass, mind, and whatever else I could find. strange little songs and diverse. you never know what you're gonna get. Check out my "Other Homepage" for 6 more songs to download. Also check out my real band's page http:\\parasitehost.iuma.com enjoy my mind.
Keywords: Mind Orgies
Downloads: 35
[audio]BHCR Mad Poets-Mad Poets In Residence Monday 26th September 2011 - Brighton Mad Poets
A fab show from the BHCR poets filled with songs chat and poems.
Keywords: Mind Out
Downloads: 4
[audio]Brighton Mad Poets - Mind Out, Monday 12th September 2011 - Brighton Mad Poets
listen to another show of songs, chat and of cause Poems, enjoy.
Keywords: Mind Out
Downloads: 7
[image]andy naughton's trick - andy naughton
good one
Keywords: mind reader
Downloads: 129
[audio]Mind Out 22 August 2011 - susi oddball
Welcome to Mind out a programme of poetry and music spontaneity and creativity This weeks programme is by Neil,Tony and Susi and is about what we did yesterday and our 10 dreams or ideas changed into writing some of them achievable and some not Great writings and fun Come and join us for this celabration of Brighton Mad Poets
Keywords: Mind Out
Downloads: 14
[audio]Brighton Mad Poets - Mind Out, Monday 5th September 2011 - Brighton Mad Poets
listen to another great show with poems about dreams and the joys of being late for work worth a listen enjoy.
Keywords: Mind Out
Downloads: 6
[audio]Mind Out - susi oddball
A performance from a local group of poets and writers who are very special as all of them have to battle with mind problems and i believe that this helps to produce excellent writings and poems due to the awareness they aquiere through their struggles to exist and be positive A really good listen
Keywords: Mind Out
Downloads: 17
[audio]Mind Power Intro
Mind Power Introduction
Keywords: mind power
Downloads: 58
[audio]Mind Out 25 July 2011 - susi oddball
Here we are again you cannot get rid of us We are the Brighton Mad Poets and have a selection of poetry and exercises for you to listen to Hope you enjoy
Keywords: Mind Out
Downloads: 9
[audio]Daniel Andréasson - Nackmyalgi - Daniel Andréasson
Daniel andréasson enters the world of Candy Mind with a suitcase full of mixtapes, a French phrase book and a bunch of other things that we are not allowed to mention here. He has recently escaped his everyday life as a...ok, well we are not allowed to write about this either so... Well, let´s just say that we found him wandering about our neighbourhood and then we...no, sorry, STOP - we´re in deep water again...this is to much to write about even for us.....
Keywords: Candy Mind
Downloads: 8,410
[audio]Mind Out 1 August 2011 - susi oddball
A unique programme of writings and poetry by Brighton Mad Poets Neil, Yas, Mary, Tony, Joshua, and Susi The theme is Metal and we did some wicked writings on iambic pentameters Great writings not to be missed
Keywords: Mind Out
Downloads: 3
[collection]Circus Mind - Circus Mind

Keywords: Circus Mind
Downloads: 10
[movies]Show Biz and Serious Biz
Guest: Leonard, John Theme: Entertainment
Keywords: open mind
Downloads: 96
[audio]Affirmation: Reality - andre
Mind when concentrated on God percieves a luminous reality
Keywords: Mind; Reality
Downloads: 51
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